We invest with our investors to be in the same boat. By applying the short-term strategy, it has created eight years with a positive return that has beaten our benchmark index every year (S&P500).

Skilled trader

As an investor in the fund, you invest with the best traders in the world. Globally, there are thousands of mutual funds, hedge funds, but only a fraction of them manage to beat the market and create value for their investors in the long run. At Return Investment, we keep costs down and only want the best of the best for the company and you as investors, as we participate on the same terms and have our own funds involved in all trades. We take a Result fee, and it is calculated once a quarter.

The goal

The fund's investment objective is to achieve an attractive short-term return within the established investment markets, which primarily deal with Nasdaq, S & P500, Dow Jones in the USA and a few Nordic markets. The company wants to give investors a competitive return taking into account the portfolio's absolute risk, which is on a risk scale of 7 out of 7. Our experience is that many customers primarily have products offered or brokered by the bank where they have custody.


Det er meget naturligt, at en rådgiver i den bank de arbejder, anbefaler sine egne produkter – når man handler i en forretning, der selv udbyder et bestemt mærke, får man ikke anbefalet et andet. Vi synes det er forkert at anbefale noget man ikke selv er investeret i. Det vurderer vi er fordi man ikke tror nok på selve produktet eller investeringen, vi kan ikke se en ide at anbefale noget uden at man selv er aktivt eller passivt investeret. Konceptet: Vi investerer selv i det samme som vores kunder. Vi har hånden på kogepladen 24/7 og er selv interesseret i den bedste performance overhovedet.


Udvælgelsen af aktierne til selskabet sker på baggrund af en momentumberegning i de mest solide papirer på det globale aktiemarkedet, de primære investeringer vi foretager, er aktierne der ligger på Nasdag100 eller og S&P500. Vi benytter risikojusteret momentum for at opnå lavere tilbagefald og bedre langsigtede afkast. Siden 2014 har vi opnået 100% mere i afkast end sammenligningsindekset, netto efter alle omkostninger ved anvendelse af strategien at handle på udsvingene i den opadgående momentumtrend.

Our philosophy

The philosophy is to take advantage of the momentum and an upward trend, which is an academically well-regarded investment factor, which in both theory and practice has given higher returns than the market return across both geographical regions, asset classes, themes, etc. Along the way, there have been periods where we underperform, and during such periods it is essential to remain faithful to the strategy. It is necessary to see the return over a more extended period of 3-4 years.

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We do our best every day to create good returns for our investors. For example, since 2014, with the investment strategy that we use ourselves, we made over a return of approximately 210% after all trading costs on the fluctuations in the upward momentum trend. The system is simple and is the same we use. We do not change in the strategy, instead not in a declining market.
Of course, you can get out of the company through a capital reduction or acquisitions from other co-investors. Still, to increase the probability of good returns, we recommend a time horizon of 2 years +.
By the company’s articles of association, investments in Return Investment may be redeemed at the turn of the year at net asset value less the redemption deduction.

What does the research show

Research shows that you must have a reasonable spread of your shares to avoid overexposing yourself to, among other things, company-specific risks, and the portfolio should therefore not consist of only one share but ten shares. 50% of the milder are invested in global momentum stocks.

At the same time, the portfolio must not contain so many shares that both risk and return opportunities are spread so much that you achieve index-like returns. We are not at all interested in this investment strategy. We must beat the market. In other words; It is essential to spread the risk by investing in a certain number of shares, but not too many shares, as this does not mean that you can meet your goal of achieving a better return than a simple index investment. In the fund, we diversify the investments so that the portfolio typically consists of a minimum of 5-10 different shares. This number ensures a sensible spread of risk, while at the same time, the portfolio is sufficiently concentrated so that we can deliver better returns than investing in all the US100 and S & P500 indices.

Alternative investment fund

Return Investment A / S is a registered self-managed AIF at 25051, which provides for investment in global listed shares domiciled in developed countries with a view to achieving a stable business of the invested capital.
The product is intended for investors with financial knowledge and experience who can afford to lose the entire amount invested. The product is intended for investors who are interested in an increase in their wealth, risk hedging and a leveraged position. The product is aimed at investors with a long time horizon and may not be suitable for investors who plan to withdraw their money within 1 year. The typical investor in the product is an investor who takes high risk and who invests a minimum of DKK 750,000. (so-called “semi-professional investors”).