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Administrator and Accountant:

Apex Fund Services: Apex manages over $1.3 Trillion by 5000 employees and 50 offices across the globe. Apex is the largest global fund administrator in the world and is widely regarded as the best global admin/accounting fund service provider. Apex’s proprietary client portal offers investors sector allocation reports, interactive performance charting, cash balances, a communication platform to directly add/withdraw funds, and much more. Each day Apex takes Return Investments positions and implements them in their own software to run a separate P/L to double check our prime broker’s numbers. Apex communicates directly with our audit/tax firm Deloitte (who prepares investor’s K- 1 tax statements), providing transparent third-party certified financials. Return Investments investors are assured the accuracy of their capital balances.

CEO and Founder

Mads Hansen: Experienced Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the capital markets industry, making good returns with short-term investment in stock market. Skilled in Portfolio Management, Daytrading, Equities and Capital Markets.

Audit and Tax firm:

Deloitte: With more than 330,000 professionals and 48 billion in revenue, Deloitte is the largest audit and tax firm in the world and provides services to a broad cross-section of the largest corporations and government agencies. Camshaft Capital chose Deloitte because of their technology, communication, reputation, sophistication, and tax expertise in all areas of business— which is crucial as the fund performs side pocket investments in real estate, private equity, and IPOs/SPACs. Deloitte also offers a client portal for investor K-1 statements and tax serving needs. 

Legal Team:

Cooley LLP: With over 1,000 lawyers and 1.1 billion in revenue, Cooley LLP is known as the ‘go to’ firm in the VC and Equity marketplace. Aside from their prestige and reputation, the Cooley team maintains extensive expertise in all avenues of legal formation necessary to accommodate various fields of investment of interest to Camshaft Capital: private equity, venture capital, hedge funds, real estate funds, intellectual property transactions, formation, finance, contracts, licenses, joint development agreements, mergers and acquisitions and intellectual property licenses. A prospective investor’s lawyer or an investor can contact Cooley for legal questions regarding the framework of the PPM, LP, and subscription documents.

Prime Brokers:

StoneX: StoneX (formerly INTL FCStone) is the largest non-bank prime broker in the

U.S. Its institutional platform offers direct order routing to exchanges in addition to offering one of the lowest margin costs on the street. The prime brokerage offers institutional access to over 175 global markets allowing Camshaft Capital to trade every market.