We make active investments in stocks. We use swing trading and day trading to minimize the risk. We invest in all the shares ourselves and are part of the fund, making us a natural first choice for professional and semi-professional investors.

Our Ambition

Our ambition is to create a safe return at all periods. The main principle of the fund’s strategy is to give you the highest possible return to the lowest risk. Therefore, the portfolio’s composition is in uncorrelated global equities to achieve a higher Sharpe Ratio. We actively adjust several times in the same stock to beat the market return annually. The fund’s investment strategy is a combination of these investors. Raymond Thomas Dalio, Benjamin Graham, Jim Simons, and Warren Buffet.The strategy has been used for eight years. Now others can get the same return as us passively.

Our High Sharpe Ratio

We combine fundamental and technical analysis: We use our investment network with different views and individual information and ideas. Our focus is on a few companies that perform better than the market. Our strategy combines the five insurance-based investment factors: quality, low volatility, value, momentum, and size. 

We trade on the fluctuations. To minimize the risk, we sell the worst-performing stocks quickly. The strategy is to hold on to the winning stocks, which beat the market. The portfolio itself is composed of uncorrelated shares.

Why this Investment fund?

The unique thing about this investment fund is that we can use short selling in the short and long term, as there will be periods when the companies are overpriced. However, we usually only use it for the intratrade after a downgrade or a bad financial accounting that did not match the market expectations.
It is suited for investors who want to diversify their existing portfolio with strategies that offer low correlation to many asset classes held in most portfolios or hedge against rapid change.
This fund is for investors with a moderate-to-high risk profile who intend to stay invested for the medium-to-long term. Our fund suggests a whole market cycle investment horizon of 5-7 years.

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